by E Lafuentes

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As a boy magic and music were a big part of Eds life,there were no answers to the magic of life itself but there was music,unconditioned as it has been since the dawn of the univers.The mystical try tone or hypnosis of the drum,the harmonies of the four winds and the crack of thunder that rumbles the very earth beneath your feet,this was not only a calling too Eddie but a reason for the life's breath that spew from his lungs.Living life to the fullist is Eds way without a doubt.Working with dozens of bands,artists and producers,such as Pantheon and The Cannables,Laz Pina(Ill Nino,Shang hi fye,Broom Hellda)Dennis Bell(U 2,Lenny Cravits),Johny Pyro (Eng Ill Nino sound wars and record inc studios)to name a few,Eddia has cast his musical spell upon the world.Inspired by all musics and peoples of the world Eddie has forged forth and continued to do what he dose best,HEAVY METAL.There are plenty of magical musics in the world but non have touched Eds heart n soul like HEAVY METAL,from the darkness of Black Sabbath to the speed of Slayer,from the evil of Venom to the hard core of S.O.D,the doom of candle mass and the horror of alice cooper,and the necromantical sounds of celtic frost.This music is an onslaught of magic and power that moves the body and stimulates the soul,his thundering bass and chugging guitars,his cannon fire like drums,rainbow of vocals and wave crashing synths come together with a colossal collision of majestic music that is blessed by the Gods and Goddesses themselves.This is E Lafuentes


released June 25, 2013


1.C The Sun
2.Breath Of God
4.God Of War
5.Mission EA
6.On The Bar Rock Star
7.Don't Wake The Dead
8.King No Name
9.Live For Ever
10.Save Me
cover art by Johnny Pyro Lafuentes
All music n lyrics written and preformed
by Edward Lafuentes
c2013 Edward Lafuentes all rights reserved

This album was recorded and produced by
Edward Lafuentes @ Demon Rose Studios Bronx N.Y.
and co produced by John Pyro Lafuentes and Laz Ill Nino Pina
@ Sound Wars studio Hoboken N.J.
@Sound Method studio in Hoboken N.J.

This album was recorded with
TC-Helicon-Voice Works Vocal Processor
Boss-Dr 880
Digitech-guitar and bass Processor's
Behringer-Ultragain pro 8 digital ada8000
Roland-studio monitors
Yamaha-studio monitors
Roland-TD 30 Drums
Sound Percussion-Drum styx and stands
Pearl-Kick pedals

Special Thanx 2
Enki and the Gods n Goddesses for whom without nothing is possible,Friends and Fam,(Mom,Dad,Nat,John 4 being a part of everything i do and blessing it),(Buff,Rob 4 help through the tuff times and the party times),(Laz Ill Nino,Rick Shang hi fye,Rolland Shang hi fye,Marybell,Mom and Dad Pina 4 always being a big part of my life and inspr 4 music),Chris l and fam for there frienship,Chris Ill Nino M for showing me that metal can have just as much balls when u sing over it ,(Bill Milano 4 insp words n music 2 actually do this lp )Dennis Bell n family SBDNY 4 showin me the ropes of the buiss (all the girls,staff and bosses at The Patriot in Manhattan crazy but I luv them all),(Sunny 4 insp and being very special)(Joe n all the boys at the bar)all the bands I've ever worked on,in or shared the stage with,all the fans and friends that have kicked ass with the music and myself thru thick n thin with lots a gin,all the soldiers trying to make the world a better place for all of us in every land,all the bands that have blessed the world and myself with there music and luv,from the bottom of my magic filled heart I THANK AND LUV U ALL.

The world is filled with magic
but there's nothing thats so tragic
as a life that just goes past it
without the chance to grasp it

E Lafuentes ENJOY



all rights reserved


E Lafuentes Bronx, New York

As a boy magic and music were a big part of Ed’s life,there were no answers to the magic of life itself but there was music;unconditioned as it has been since the dawn of the univers.The mystical trytone or hypnosis of the drum,the harmonies of the four winds and the crack of thunder that rumbles the very earth beneath your feet this is E LAFUENTES from the God's of creation ... more

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Track Name: Breath Of God
Holy ones only ones even unholy ones God of creation and myth
settled salvation without procreation could there be a problem with this
Goddess and God that be both add there prodigy into the mix of this birth
in this solution there two contributions will help all mankind on this earth
I do not like the things you say,before we go we change our ways
Out beyond all the sky's angels will fight and die far from the grasp of all men
timeless confusion this man made allusion suppressing the knowledge they
Page after page destroyed truth is now turned to fraud how all the ancients
world of creation the first mans a nation and blessed with Gods breath in his
I do not like the things you say,before we go we change our ways
I do not like the things you do,we better change before were through
and so the truth would be hidden from all mankind for a millennia to come
the secret of the creation of man would be protected by those who swore
to protect it,hidden from mortal eyes as the God's themselves instructed
until the day all are to witness the planet of the crossing,in every place,in
every time,this day was spoken of,as it was written by our ancient
ancestors to guide us through these times of chaos and to make us
understand the words that were spoken,and they are to be considered
the Breath Of God
I do not like the things you say,it's harder every single day
I do not like the things you do,we better change before were through
Track Name: ANU
3. ANU -
The Gods are thinkin of a univers they have a plan
the sky is fallin God is callin hours close at hand
Create a mortal one to work for us we'll cal him man
so that he's not alone we'll make one more thats just for him
Upon another star we wish t know from where we came
the ones who started us,created us the rise to fame
Upon a throne of gold the stories told Anu the name
the god's of Babylon to carry on there ancient game
blood,flesh,life and man dust from dust it all began
pain it starts the ships they land,this place is right
to make a man,down from the stars they came
these gods of ours they came
Track Name: God Of War
God of war
Watch my children feed,taking what they need
God of war
And to spread my seed,children onto me
The war in heaven carried on,there innocence forever gone
mankind would look and watch in awe,the god's would blame
the god of war
God of war
Down to earth you lay,in eternal pain
And so from heaven angle's fell,varmanna ships they knew so well
to face the fallen ones in vain,a sin upon there own to blame
its all upon there own to blame
God of war
Call upon my steel,never shall you kneel
Call me by my name
God of war
Track Name: On The Bar Rock Star
Shake shake shake,gotta shake it now
gotta move just to prove somethings going down
Gotta game thats the same and she likes to play
for your soul and control of your bodies pain
On the bar she's a star she knows what to do
got an illness for fullfillness and she's right for you
Its a dream so it seams to be right for that
she's a hottie with a body given you a slap
She's an on the bar rockstar
Hell's no fury for a women scorned
thats the story that were told from the day were born
Gotta feel for a deal with a succubi
its unholy rekon heavy metal suiside
Got some Jinn full of sin gonna shoot it down
with your masses full of asses your from out a town
Open up here she comes gonna do you in
on the bar she's a star brings you back again
She's an on the bar rockstar
Tick tick tick here we go again
what a show no control right untill the end
She's a cuttie with a bottie and she likes to play
fallen star from the heavens an unrightous game
Tell your friends and there friends that she's commin through
bring the money for the honey and the honey dew
Here we go gonna show always go to far
what's her name and her game she's a real rockstar
She's an on the bar rockstar
Track Name: Don't Wake The Dead
My eyes they grow weary now,my body has changed
my world is all over now,this new one is strange
Fear is now fading,my new life is waiting
oh don't wake the dead
I cant take any more of your lies,why cant we all just say our goodbyes
Heartbeat grows shorter now,silence it fills
hunger grows stronger now,its making me ill
oh don't wake the dead
I cant take any more of your lies,why cant we all just say our goodbyes
Track Name: King No Name
Soldier goin off to war couldn't take it anymore
duty calls Im goin in off to fight an hope to win
Gotta place where they can stand pray to god n fellow man
gotta rifle in there hand something's they won't understand
Code of honour in the sky gotta stop n wonder why
all n all will wanna live many more will have to die
Hear the thunder rollin in lock n load unload again
praying for this shit to end kill em all n kill again
Fly your flag n fallow through somethings you just gotta do
family n friends you knew all of them will count on you
Final chapter final vow rifle don't you fail me now
now its time for you to earn only something you can learn
Soldier's commin home from war lost some friends and maby more
did there bit they did there tour lost there minds and so much more
This is what they need from you did just what they had to do
fired straight they fired true for the flag and all of you
Hope for peace comes to an end when our soldiers come back again
there missing faces missing places homeless shelters homeless wages
Pride is hurt because of you now you know what you've got to do
a soldiers worth is worth for you now stop your shit an help em through
Track Name: Live For Ever
I know you you know me I know what you want to be
pray for this pray for that praying just wont bring them back
Im gonna live for ever
Don't do this don't do that fallow blindly watch your back
up n down in and out twist your mind untill you shout
Im gonna live for ever
Little lamb little sheep close there eyes and go to sleep
don't know why fallow you do just what there told to do
Im gonna live for ever ahh for eva n eva
Track Name: N.Y.C.S.
11. N.Y.C.S -
New York my town uptown downtown all around an midtown
Brooklyn Queens Manhattan Staten Island The Bronx
here we go again stomp what we say again
History is made here mystery fights and lives and dies here
so clear nothings clear but these city street's got you beat
if you don't treat them with respect all these
New York city streets
My town our town everybody's gotta game get it up get it up lay it down
black n white will to fight play the cards domino's out
on the streets on a Friday night
Basketball stickball played it all anywhere with the boys
on the street in the hall club sceen up n down forty second street
New York New York
New York city streets
New York New York
New York city streets
Track Name: Magic
12. MAGIC -
Can you believe all the time that we need in our life to achieve in a year
magic that guide us it burns up inside us and shows us there's nothing to fear
Differences being solutions were seeing our world as it goes through a change
Message is given the passage were livin the future is ours in the game
Do you believe in magic
Pray for forgiveness they say its a sickness when we use what we feel
The great inquisition our death was there mission but now we've got nothing to hide
Words are outspoken the God's were invoking have shown us a passage
of rite
Choices were making are not for mistaking the truth that they turned
into lies
Do you believe in magic
Circles n symbols are drawn witches n wizards are born
Candles and insence we light burning the fires tonight
Beastly provisions are made onto the Gods to be slayed
Sexual preference delight energy feeling just right
Do you believe in magic
Stars are where they are and you are the player a game to believe in yourself
Don't be negated or even persuaded to fallow in somebody
People will fight and die hordes they will multiply all for the soul you posses
Magic grows stronger and life it grows longer and you figure out all the rest
Do you believe in magic